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So this is what it is like to work at the Nelson Engineering company.

The work we do is important and your peers are serious people. If you like a challenge and if you’re prepared to grow professionally then we’re a good fit for you.

Your ideas and designs will be peer reviewed.

There will be differences of opinion and you will be expected to defend your work and question others, always respectfully. This lively interaction results in creative, cost effective, and constructable solutions that delight clients.

There is a healthy mixture of senior engineers in all disciplines as well as junior engineers and interns. Training-up others and mentoring them into senior positions is expected and celebrated. When a junior staffer earns his P.E. there’s always a party!

Work begins at 8:30 AM and ends at 5 PM, rarely do we burn the mid-night oil (the earmark of well managed projects). Often engineers will work from home.  When you’re on the clock you’re expected to produce results on schedule and within scope. Unlike some engineering firms, we refuse to abuse junior staffers by working them 60 to 80 hours a week.

Having fun together fosters “esprit de corps.”  So at least quarterly, we shut the doors at noon on a Friday and have a party. We’ve gone golfing at the Drive Shack in Orlando and had an Axe-Throwing tournament in Melbourne.  Almost daily, there’s a pick-up game in our full-court basketball gym. Several times a week, you’ll see wrestlers working out in the gym as well. And the guys sporting flip-flops, probably caught a few waves this morning.

It’s such a cliche’ to say that we “work hard and play hard.”  But, in our case that’s just the reality.


Great engineers attract other great engineers. They challenge one another to do their best work. At Nelson Engineering this is our culture.



Letting of steam in the Nelson Engineering gym.



There are two sure fire ways to tell whether a company’s culture is working. The first is whether or not  people a flocking to work there. The second is whether they stay. Nelson passes both tests.  Yes, we’re a hard company to break into but once you’re here
you won’t want to leave. 






5455 North Courtenay Parkway
Merritt Island, Florida 32953