Nelson Engineering Co. provides ISO 9001/14001 certification assistance, performing internal readiness audits, revising or developing procedures and providing all levels of training. Examples of the services that Nelson Engineering Co. has provided and will tailor specifically to client’s needs include:

  • Basic ISO 9001/140001 training and refresher for all levels from the shop floor to management personnel
  • One-on-one training with managers, tailored to their organizations’ issues and responsibilities
  • Specific issue training, such as calibrated equipment or managing non-conforming product at the shop level
  • Develop or revise ISO-compliant procedures
  • Operations area walkthroughs and compliance reviews
  • Answers to common audit questions
  • Develop ISO pre-audit checklists
  • Develop Fact Sheets explaining specific ISO requirements and client’s program for meeting those requirements

We help clients identify issues, compliance gaps and continuous improvement opportunities and can provide resources to quickly resolve ISO issues that impact potential certification and recertification. We also have significant experience setting up environmental management systems that are both ISO 9001 and 14001 compliant.