Nelson Engineering has the logistics engineering expertise to ensure all customer resources are operationally ready to perform as required. We can assess your system and help you maintain optimal efficiency by updating work instructions, processes, and procedures to optimize your Logistics team’s performance. We will analyze your logistics system and assess your spares, components, materials, and services to ensure you have adequate on-hand materials without overstocking. We can identify critical need and long-lead items to ensure you can meet your customer’s needs. We also monitor and document trends in maintenance and inventory history and implement changes as required to improve readiness. We execute supportability risk assessments and implement corrective actions to limit disruptions to your supply chain. Our goal is to maximize availability and capability and eliminate threats to inventory due to obsolescence, skill loss, and environmental issues.

Our logistics experience goes beyond engineering. We have reviewed technician level operations such as shop productivity and direct vs. indirect labor hours and recommended cost saving process improvements. We have also supported many consolidation efforts, including warehouse consolidation, heavy / mobile equipment consolidation, and labor resource pooling.