Nelson Engineering Co. supplies Capital Asset Management (CAM) services for clients including the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and the National Institutes of Health (NIH). Our CAM approach has evolved from our Facility Operations and Maintenance (O&M) experience and includes:

  • Research into client asset design and operational configurations.
  • Evaluation of existing O&M programs and processes.
  • Conduct Facility Condition Assessments to plan projects based on the client’s facility management requirements and individual facility tenant/user functional performance expectations.
  • Perform Sustainability Assessments to identify energy efficiency upgrades.
  • Document O&M concerns or deficiencies in cloud-hosted CAM software.

CAM consulting services aid our clients in interpreting the data stored in the CAM software and implementing repair and upgrade recommendations given budgetary forecast scenarios. CAM consulting services include:

  • Improvement, repair, and upgrade recommendations based on experience and industry best practices
  • Project planning and development.
  • Energy usage tracking and documentation of reductions
  • Long range planning and budgeting
  • Maintenance program planning.