The Nelson Fire Protection Engineering team consults, analyzes, models, and designs fire protection systems for specialized commercial, defense, and aerospace applications under the direction of professionally registered Fire Protection Engineers (FPE).

We ensure life safety, alarm systems, and fire suppression/ extinguishing systems are cost-effective, reliable, and maintainable. Our risk management, hazard analysis, design, and commissioning services are compliant with governing codes/standards. We meet project, budget, and safety objectives that satisfy municipal, DoD, and NASA jurisdictions.

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Solutions Delivered

  • Life Safety Review
  • Risk Assessment
  • Hazard Analysis/Fire Mitigation
  • Gas and O2 Alarm/Monitoring
  • Fire Suppression and Extinguishing


Fire protection design and consulting services include a thorough review and understanding of the processes, occupancy, hazards, and risks associated with the project. Fire hazard analysis and client requirements become the basis of design. We work collaboratively and iteratively with clients, other design disciplines, and the authority having jurisdiction through all design milestones. We recommend performance-based or equivalency-designs in highly specialized facilities and scenarios.

System Design and Analysis:

  • Life Safety Code and Egress
  • Fire Alarm and Mass Notification
  • Gas Leak Detection and Alarm
  • Oxygen Deficiency Monitoring
  • Fire sprinklers
  • Fixed water spray for egress and/or hazard protection
  • Fire pumps and reservoirs
  • Chemical and clean-agent extinguishing systems
  • Pressurization and smoke removal systems


  • Passive and active fire protection system design and commissioning
  • Prescriptive, performance-based, and equivalency solutions
  • Studies, surveys, and assessments
  • Fire, smoke, and egress modeling
  • Dynamic fire simulation
  • Hazard identification and classification
  • Fire risk analysis and mitigation
  • Engineered and administrative hazard controls
  • Emergency action planning


Our fire protection team has the skillsets for unique fire safety challenges. We tackle the simple and the complex, from an office building to launch facilities and liquid propellant storage. Our robust fire protection group includes an FPE, NFPA trained electrical and mechanical PEs, a Certified Safety Professional (CSP), Certified Fire Protection Specialists (CFPS), NICET IV certified fire alarm designer, and a cadre of BIM designers – using AutoCAD, Revit, and Creo.

Director of Sustaining Engineering Services


Assessment and Design– Vehicle Assembly Building (VAB) High Bay 2 and Mobile Launcher

Vehicle Assembly Building (VAB) High Bay 2 and Mobile Launcher Assessment and Design

Perform NFPA 1 assessment of existing VAB High Bay 2 egress, fire pumps, and life safety systems for a commercial customer. Design of fire alarm, fire suppression, leak detection, and oxygen monitoring systems for a commercial, 365 feet tall, mobile launch tower requiring the connection of alarms and water supply in the VAB and at the launch pad.
LH2 Under Construction

NASA KSC Liquid Hydrogen (LH2) System at Launch Complex 39B Upgrade

New design provides fire alarm, flame detection, aspirating smoke detection, hydrogen gas leak sensor equipment, oxygen deficiency monitoring, and an 8,500 gallon per minute fixed-spray deluge fire suppression system protecting a new 1.4 million gallon LH2 sphere and new support buildings on Launch Complex 39B at the Kennedy Space Center.

Commercial Launch Complex

Commercial Launch Complex Design and Construction Support

Designed and supported a fire suppression system at KSC Launch Complex 39B:

  • fire alarm
  • flame detection
  • aspirating smoke detection
  • hydrogen gas leak sensor equipment
  • oxygen deficiency monitoring
  • 8,500 gallon per minute fixed-spray deluge fire suppression system.