Nelson Engineering provides comprehensive civil and environmental engineering services for government and commercial clients. We specialize in solving unique civil engineering challenges such as designing in coastal and marine environments. We know how to harden assets to withstand severe storm events, refurbish and rehabilitate aging infrastructure, and address poor or variable soil conditions.
Solutions Delivered

Civil Site Development

Water Distribution

Wastewater Collection

Stormwater Management

Pavements (Roads, Airfields)

Coastal Management

Security Systems/Force Protection

Geotechnical Evaluations


Our typical projects follow the systems engineering approach to design development. Clients provide requirements that we document, track and trace to each solution we design. We measure design progress collaboratively with our clients through iterative design reviews at preliminary, critical and final design completion milestones. At each milestone, we receive and disposition stakeholder inputs to ensure satisfaction of owner project requirements.

Civil Engineering

  • Site development
  • Stormwater design and permitting
  • Water distribution
  • Wastewater collection and management
  • Landfills
  • Parking and roadways
  • Coastal management
  • Horizontal infrastructure and utilities

Environmental Engineering

  • Contamination assessments
  • Recommended actions including remediation, no-action, or site monitoring
  • Regulatory agency remediation liaison and negotiations
  • Remediation project management

Contact Jeff with your questions regarding our civil engineering and environmental engineering capabilities.

Jeff Longshore, PE

Director of Civil and Environmental Engineering


Lab Image

SSPF Offline Science Processing Area Ammonia Vapor Containment Facility (VCF)

KSC facility renovation with new laboratories requiring complete interior redesign. Expansion of the VCF requiring underground utility locates and load determination. Project enables NASA to meet the goals of the Mars 2020 program.

K7-0468 Lift Station LS-9B-

U.S. Air Force CCAFS Lift Stations

Design and construction support of new lift stations to replace deficient wastewater collection assets. The project meets base infrastructure operations and maintenance needs and allows future expansion to support new facility construction projects.


AUTEC Renovations

AUTEC Multi-Family Housing Unit Renovations

Design and construction support focused on civil, service and envelope upgrades. We address structural deficiencies and harden the structures to withstand 150 mile per hour wind loads.

Converter Compressor Plant

NASA KSC Nitrogen and Helium Converter Compressor Facility

Design renovations include hazardous material abatement and LEED certification. Facility upgrades support the Space Launch System (SLS) Program and commercial spaceflight clients throughout the Cape Canaveral Spaceport.