Decades of Experience

Nelson Engineering provides engineering solutions for federal and commercial clients since 1993. We were founded by Mr. Blain Nelson, P.E. who is a former U.S. Navy Civil Engineer Corps officer and later worked in the aerospace industry. Our business lines are based on Mr. Nelson’s background and have steadily expanded as new key members joined and brought additional skills aboard. In 2022, we merged with Salas O’Brien to expand our reach to new clients and market sectors.

National Institute of Standards and Technology
United States Air Force
National Aeronautics and Space Administration
United States Army
US Department of the Navy
General Services Administration
United States Department of State
National Institutes of Health
United States Department of Energy
National Park Service
Indian Health Services
United State Army Corps of Engineers

strategic focus

We provide engineering services covering the full lifecycle of assets including facilities and aerospace ground support equipment. Our work includes requirements definition and planning, systems engineering-based design, equipment commissioning, and operations and maintenance engineering through asset disposal. Our hard-working staff pursues professional excellence and company growth that provides personal upward mobility opportunities.


We’ve delivered a variety of engineering services in support of DOD and other federal agencies for over 20 years. In addition to facility and system design, we specialize in the operation and maintenance phase of the facility lifecycle.

Our team has distinguished themselves by driving cost-effective solutions on CONUS and OCONUS projects involving multiple engineering disciplines.”

Shad Wilson, PE

Senior Managing Director

Nelson Engineering provides engineering services totaling 16 NASA locations to date. We excel at delivering high-end facility and system engineering services, maintenance analytics, and asset management.

Our solutions reduce cost, increase efficiency, boost mission readiness, and improve overall stewardship and betterment of NASA’s infrastructure. Our expertise in the reliability and care of one-of-a-kind national assets, system sustainability, and complex system integration make us a sought-after partner for aerospace infrastructure stewardship.”

Terry Tullis, PE, LEED-AP

Director of Sustaining Engineering Services

For a small company, we have a large group of engineers and professionals who perform facility condition assessments and capital asset management services for a broad array of clients – from NIH and NIST to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and commercial clients.

Our CAMS team is extremely flexible, deploys quickly, and conducts themselves with professionalism while minimizing impacts to our clients operations while on-site.

John Carroll, PE

Director of Capital Asset Management Services