Set Your Expectations

Clients can expect integrity, candor and engineering excellence. Given the constraints of time, budget, and quality, you can count on us to tell you what is possible. Our engagement process assists your team in making optimal decisions. Talented and creative minds produce unique solutions solving the toughest engineering challenges. Our internal quality control systems produce reliable and constructable deliverables of the highest quality.

Employees expect meaningful work and a culture of innovation and creativity. You may be working on one-of-a-kind design in support of a mission to Mars where no cookie-cutter solutions exist. Or you may be doing facility condition assessments – crucial to federal agencies setting budgets and receiving congressional appropriations. Either way, you will be challenged to creatively apply what you know and to continuously expand your horizons. You will be supported and energized by servant leaders that are invested in your success.

Culture By Design

Our leaders instill the company culture in our employees. We believe the benefits of our culture is realized in the products we provide clients and the diverse careers we enable for our employees. The culture at Nelson Engineering Co. was purposely built around servant leadership. Our culture is staunchly defended to ensure every employee can be successful with no restraints while maintaining professional discipline.

Core Values

The foundation of our culture is our core values:

  1. Client Value
  2. Creativity and Innovation
  3. Personal Individual Productivity 

Benefit to Clients and Employees

  1. An engaged workforce that values client success first and foremost
  2. A work environment that fosters new ideas and solutions
  3. A workforce of teams that value and celebrate individual contributions to project success

I enjoy the people I work with, the flexible schedule, and the diversity of work. I have worked here since 2005 and have never had a boring work day. Each project brings new challenges, which allows me to continuously learn and grow.”

Terry Tullis, PE LEED AP

Program Manager

For me, it is simple. Work hard and play hard.”

Milton Gonzalez-Echegaray, EIT

Design Engineer and Electrical Lead

The Nelson Engineering culture is one of growth. I like how we regularly pursue innovative solutions for our existing and new customers to ensure we provide the greatest value to our clients. Our employees are provided constant opportunity to expand their technical and leadership capabilities through individual and team performance.

Robert Hoyt, PE

Project Manager