Incident Energy and Arc-Flash Analysis


Nelson Engineering Co. provides incident energy and arc-flash hazard analyses, short-circuit, and protective device coordination studies. Our engineers collect detailed electrical system data at each site. We use this data to validate existing or to develop new one-line and electrical system floor plan drawings. We perform short circuit, equipment evaluation, arc-flash, and protective device coordination analyses using applicable NFPA, IEEE, and ANSI standards. 


Solutions Delivered

Incident Energy Analysis

Short Circuit and Protective Device Coordination Studies

Equipment Evaluation

Short Circuit Evaluation

Arc-Flash Hazard Labeling

On-Site Training


Nelson Engineering Co. has been conducting arc-flash hazard analysis and short circuit studies for more than a decade. We perform work per the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) 1584, Guide for Performing Arc-Flash Hazard Calculations.

We tailor project work plans and schedules to comply with customer and facility occupant performance and deliverable requirements, milestones, and sequence of work. We use established protocols to plan the on-site investigation efforts successfully. Each arc flash project is assigned a dedicated project manager (PM). Our PM is responsible for preparing safety plans and obtaining client approval before performing field work.


Incident Energy and Arc-Flash Analysis Services

  • Field Assessments
  • Utility Coordination
  • One-Line Validated System Drawings*
  • Short Circuit Analysis
  • Protective Device Time-Current Coordination Analysis 
  • Incident Energy Study
  • Field Adjustments 
  • Detail Reports and Recommendations
  • Arc-Flash Hazard Labeling
  • Arc-Flash Hazard/Incident Energy On-Site Training**

* We use accepted industry-standard software including SKM Power Tools for Windows, EasyPower, and ETAP.

* *We coordinate with IACET accredited training partners.


We’re passionate about safety. Preventing arc-flash incidents is a perfect fit with our company culture. We have over ten years of experience and mature protocols that ensure the highest-quality studies. Oh, and our warning labels are pretty flashy too!

Brian Kolak, PE

Director of Electrical Engineering


GSA Regions 8 and 9 plus Denver Center

General Services Administration (GSA) Region 8 and 9 Arc-Flash Hazard Analyses

Nelson Engineering Co. performed arc-flash hazard analyses on GSA-owned facilities in 12 states at 188 buildings covering 40 million square feet of space. Our scope of work included the Denver Federal Center in Lakewood, CO, which consists of over 55 individual facilities connected via a medium voltage distribution system supplied by two GSA-owned substations (A and B) 

Engineer wearing PP Gear doing ARC Flash field inspection v2

Arc-Flash Hazard Analyses at CCSFS Space Launch Complexes (SLC) 37 and 41 and VSFB SLC 3 and 6

We performed arc-flash hazard analyses for United Launch Alliance (ULA) on electrical systems that support the Delta IV and Atlas V programs at Cape Canaveral Space Force Station, FL, and Vandenburg Space Force Base, CA. Our scope of work included new Ground Support Equipment (GSE) and facility equipment, inclusive of uninterruptible power supply battery banks.


Department of Energy National Energy Technology Laboratory Arc-Flash and Power Quality Analyses

We performed arc-flash hazard assessments and power quality analyses for the National Energy Technology Laboratory’s numerous sites. Based on our project performance, we received a follow-on contract to perform electrical design services and implement repair and improvement recommendations based on our analysis.