Nelson Engineering plans, analyzes and designs complex electrical systems for commercial and government clients. From infrastructure to facility power to low voltage service, we provide a wide range of sustainable electrical engineering solutions integral to multidisciplinary project success.


Solutions Delivered

Electricity Generation (AC, DC)

Distribution (Underground and Aboveground Transmission)

Diverse Power Feeds (Primary, Critical, Fire Protection, Backup)

Safety Monitoring Systems

Industrial Process Controls

Arc Flash Analyses


Our typical projects follow the systems engineering approach to design development. Clients provide requirements that we document, track and trace to each solution we design. We measure design progress collaboratively with our clients through iterative design reviews at preliminary, critical and final design completion milestones. At each milestone, we receive and disposition stakeholder inputs to ensure satisfaction of owner project requirements.

System Design and Analysis

  • Power substations
  • Distribution, transformers, switches and switchgear
  • Direct current and battery power
  • Generators
  • Automatic and manual transfer systems (ATS, MTS)
  • Power conditioning
  • Uninterruptible power supplies (UPS)
  • Motors and motor control centers (MCC)
  • Lightning protection and grounding
  • Fire alarm systems
  • Hazardous gas and oxygen deficiency monitoring
  • Lighting and low voltage electrical service
  • Process controls

Analysis Capabilities

  • Arc flash
  • Load flow
  • Power coordination studies
  • Short circuit
  • Sneak circuit
  • Lighting modeling
  • Power quality studies


When it comes to our projects we have the power to step it up, understand our clients current requirements, and transform needs into reality. That is why our clients can’t resist us!“

Brian Kolak, PE

Director of Electrical Engineering


Converter Compressor Plant

NASA KSC Nitrogen and Helium Converter Compressor Facility

Design renovations include new electrical distribution service with emergency backup, lightning protection and grounding, fire alarm and oxygen deficiency monitoring system. Facility upgrades support the Space Launch System (SLS) Program and commercial spaceflight clients throughout the Cape Canaveral Spaceport.

Lab Image

SSPF Offline Science Processing Area Ammonia Vapor Containment Facility

NASA KSC facility renovation and expansion with new laboratories including electrical and fire alarm service. Design includes overhead service carriers for centrally located power and data services. Project enables NASA to meet the goals of the Mars 2020 program.

NASA Vehicle Assembly Building

NASA KSC Vehicle Assembly Building High Bay 3 Environmental Control System

New design provides a constant, controlled source of purge air for manufacturing operations. Electrical service includes feeders, substations, PLC architecture and operator control station with redundancy. We apply design-for-maintenance (DFM) philosophies throughout the project including a new duct bank system.

High Bay 1 and 2

NASA KSC Orbiter Processing Facilities 1 and 2

Design-build project to repurpose Orbiter Processing Facilities 1 and 2 for commercial spaceflight missions. New communications, hazardous gas detection, closed circuit television camera systems, white noise generation systems, and telephone and data services compliant with multiple Department of Defense security classification levels.